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Is It All About Status?

Opening the mail today I pulled out a new Gap credit card and in an attempt to be efficient I signed it replacing my old card in my wallet. Organization experts say the best thing to do is deal with your mail right on the spot so following my practical nature I scooped up all the envelopes and inserts and went to the trash can. As the lid closed I noticed a 20% off coupon that came with my new Gap card so I plucked that bad boy right out of the garbage and bothered reading the details.

The details were devastating! I had lost my “Silver” status but the notice assures me I can “shop my way back to my preferred status”. I guess I have been overly aggressive in my cost cutting efforts this past year and I am exaggerating the devastating part. While we all know we need to be more responsible in our money handling, knowing instinctively that living beyond our means heavily contributed to this financial crisis yet at the same time we are urged to take on the job of stimulating our economy by spending our way back to premier status.

If this philosophy is not 2 cups of crazy I don’t know what is.

I’m ashamed to admit my first response to my loss of status was, Oh No, I better be more focused to use my card or I’ll lose my free alteration benefit at Banana Republic (which I never knew I had and I’m a shorty so that could have come in handy). However my current anxiety regarding financial security is totally overriding that impulse to shop my way back. I think I’ll stick with financial common sense right now and stay in the buy what we need but delay buying what we just want groove.

I can sort of relate now to my husbands recent blow to his platinum status as a frequent flyer. He came home from a recent business trip bemoaning the fact he had only flown enough miles to be in the gold status. For someone who travels so frequently he counts on the comfort associated with getting bumped up to first class and the other perks from his platinum status.

But these days being responsible about containing business expenses he is doing more meetings on Skype and conference calls versus flying all over the place to sit face to face. He doesn’t miss spending so much time on a plane, but he is quite distraught over the loss of his platinum status.  I guess I’ll just get the whip out and encourage him to pack that bag and take that show on the road again. Make those deals and bring home some bacon, Baby needs new shoes and she’s hungry too. In the end it will be in his best interest when his platinum frequent flyer status is reestablished.

These times are just too complicated. Can I just go to sleep and y’all come get me up when my bank account and credit rating have returned to their preferred status?

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Reader Comments (2)

In this economy, I'd think they would bump you up a notch for NOT spending as much. Really. No doubt you've heard about the folks getting their credit limits slashed for patronizing marriage counselors, tire retread stores, and Walmarts in the "bad areas" of town. It's getting crazy out there. Wish I had some milk bone underwear.

March 6, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterThe Lawyer Mom

With the government dropping $3 TRILLION of our children's tax money on the economy, I don't think I personally need to spend any more of mine.

I do feel for retailers, though. They are in real trouble, and these tricks they are resorting to are quite interesting.

Everyone I know, even dedicated anti-budgeters, is watching her pocketbook. Probably has something to do with the fact that our savings have been reduced by 2/3,

March 7, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterThe Mother

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