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Is Justin Timberlake The New Take Home Chef?

Jordan asked Justin Timberlake to show her a certain dance move from his Like I Love You music video. She had a big presentation to a financial institution she was preparing for and she was sure if she busted out a move it would sell her investment strategy. She was dressed for a run in a t-shirt, shorts and her new Heidi Klum shoes.

In reality, my oldest daughter Jordan does maintain a pretty rigorous work out schedule including running. Holding a Principal position at a major consulting firm she often leads presentations to companies who have large investment portfolios. If she really busted out a move during one it would probably be the first time in the history of the corporate boardroom.

 She inquired of JT, how do you do that thing with your feet? JT, who was sitting in the yard by her, reached over and moved her feet with his hands to demonstrate.He turned to my son, Michael and said, "do you have that song?" Michael scrolled through the iTunes a put on something similar, but not by JT.

I turned and shot him the death stare which was really non verbal communication for: “Justin Timberlake is here in our yard and you put on a sound alike? Put on one of my JT cd’s”.

The smell of smoke drifted through our yard and JT said, “ I feel like ribs. I make great ribs. If I can borrow your car I’ll run to the grocery and get some cooking supplies.” I handed the keys to my freshly waxed 2011 Ford Edge. I wanted to ask him if he wanted me to tag along but I didn’t.

He started the car. I came out to show him how to work “my Ford Touch” but I couldn’t find him. Then I heard the car driving down the street with the music blaring, so I guessed he figured it out on his own.


Then we realized we needed baking potatoes. I wanted to call or send a text but what normal person had Justin’s cell phone number?

Then I thought of a very gifted child hood schoolmate, Louis Resto. He’s got a Grammy and an Oscar for his song writing with and for Eminem, surely he has JT’s number.No answer.

In reality, I am a huge Justin Timberlake fan. I do own a 2011 Ford Edge. I did go to school in Garden City and was a friend of Luis Resto's big brother Mario. Their whole family was quite musical and have made successful careers for themselves and still live in the Detroit area. I just remember Luis as Mario's little bro who got shooed away when the big kids were hanging out.

Where is Curtis Stone, The Take Home Chef when you need him? So I got in the other car, thinking I would go get the potatoes myself. Driving out of the subdivision I spotted black smoke billowing in the sky from a wildfire. The further I drove I noted several small fires around.

I should have been freaked out, given the recent wildfire disasters this season. But I reasoned that since it was not a windy day the likely hood of the fires growing out of control was slim. Then I saw flying embers landing on lawns and  scantily dressed people were running around quickly stomping them out.

In reality, this Midwestern girl has been officially freaked out by the recent wildfires in Austin. I've gotten way more up close and personal with the phenomenon than I ever planned. Fire period has always scared me. I don't even like to light matches. During the fires we experienced in this hellishly hot, drought ridden state I felt like the whole place could burst into flames with the slightest provocation.

Realizing my family was at home with no vehicles (I had one, Justin had the other) I decided  to turn around to make my way home, in case we were evacuated again.  Just then I came upon a couple of baby deer all snuggled beside the road sleeping like a bunch of curled up cats, exhausted from running from the small fires.

When I got home the van lines was parked across the driveway, loading up.

Now doesn’t that just figure!? A moving truck is loading up all of our household belongings. Meanwhile Justin Timberlake is on his way back to my house with ribs to barbecue just when Michael got the right CD playing. Don't load that Weber grill, what ever you do.

The only way this impromptu dinner party could get any more complicated is if those spotty wildfires flare up and merge and head towards the whole kitten caboodle.

Back in the day we called that Dream Weaving, made famous by then (1970's) foxy Gary Wright. No market grabbing name change for this guy, there were just too many musical "Garys" in that era. Not to be confused with my 8th grade boyfriend, Gary DiGeorgio.

In reality, I'm not sure why my older kids were in my dream about Austin, since they live in Chicago. I do know I desperately miss them at times since we moved far far away.

I have no idea why Justin Timberlake happens to be in my yard, or where the car he must have came in is. This is Austin after all, not NYC. He couldn't have taken the subway.

I have seen deer curled up like kittens sleeping by the road, but that would have been in Northern Michigan on a lakeside road.

And believe me when I say I'd love for the Justin Timberlake to come show my buttoned up business daughter a few moves she could bust out during a board meeting and get the  corporate investing community buzzing.

I have no doubt JT knows a little something about serving up great ribs since opening Southern Hospitality in his hometown of Memphis, Tennessee.

In reality, I don't usually remember dreams, and have no idea what dream interpretation really means. I can see how all of the things floating around my brain mix together to make a pretty disjointed  but fun story.

At least I didn't wake up on Dexters table getting all Dexterized.

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    Sass Town - Blog - Is Justin Timberlake The New Take Home Chef?
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    Sass Town - Blog - Is Justin Timberlake The New Take Home Chef?
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    Sass Town - Blog - Is Justin Timberlake The New Take Home Chef?
  • Response
    Sass Town - Blog - Is Justin Timberlake The New Take Home Chef?

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Busting out a dance move at my next client meeting? :) Hmmmm food for thought Mommykins. Unfortunately I have inherited some sad and uninspired white girl dancing I would definitely need some coaching from your beloved JT. Miss you too!!! xo

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