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Sasstown's Stuck On Sally's

San Diego, is there a more perfect place in the US to enjoy beautiful scenery and cool ocean breezes?


                              >>>>>> >>>>>>You Must Eat Here <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Sally's Patio

Our lunch at Sally’s was totally per chance. Strolling along the boardwalk of Seaport Village and beyond we were drawn in by the bold graphics of their black and white striped umbrellas dotting the marina landscape.
Walking up closer, we did a quick survey of the menu and voted. All four of us said we were “in”.

I controlled my urge to pull out my iPhone and check my Urban Spoon app, just to make sure. Sometimes you’ve just got to go with your gut and it turned out to be the find of our trip.

We started out with a table on the patio overlooking the tightly packed marina. I ordered up their house Bloody Mary, complete with 3 bleu cheese stuffed olives which I quickly put up for bid, since I don’t enjoy olives. A fresh spicy vegetable taste burst over my taste buds, clearly no mix here. You’ve got to feel good about a fresh  Bloody Mary.

Where else can you get in a serving of veggies in your cocktail?

My sunburned husband got the chills from the brisk breeze so we moved just inside the sliding glass doors for the rest of our meal. They serve breakfast all day but we agreed that most of the brunch items were too heavy and we didn’t want to need a nap in the middle of this glorious day.

The menu was abundant, but not so big as to make you question the quality of the food. Among the fresh salads it was heavy on seafood and featured sushi and sashimi selections.
The interior was traditional California, but with a sleek contemporary feel to it. Sous chefs scurried around the open gleaming stainless kitchen. The tomato bisque arrived looking like a piece of art with whirls of creme fraiche . It was silky smooth in texture and rich in taste.

Tomato Bisque


caribbean chicken salad

I’m not a fish lover but the waitress said the fish & chips were spectacular and well worth the higher price tag of $18. Sea Bass does not come cheap.

Sally's Fish & Chips

They arrived, we all tasted and they were judged to be by far the best fish & chips any of us had tasted. The two fish filets appeared  fat and crispy in their buttermilk crust without being the slightest bit greasy. Inside they were left moist, being cooked to perfection. They were served with a cute dipping tray of 4 small sauces with fries that were tasty but ordinary. Clearly the Sea Bass was the star of this show.

Of course we gawked at all the entrees going past us, everything was plated nicely without too much flare. It is kind of a inside and outside restaurant that is dog friendly, with bowls available for the canine crowd. Sally’s is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner in it’s well traveled spot by the marina. The San Diego convention center is nearby along with a huge Marriott, several other hotels near  the Midway naval carrier.

Sally’s was a complete thumbs up so go on in if you are in San Diego. You won’t be disappointed.

Sally's on the Water on Urbanspoon

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Reader Comments (3)

This was a great place to enjoy the afternoon sunshine and bay!

June 11, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterThe Man

Oh yum. Now you've set my taste buds to buzzing. That fish looks awesome! Glad you're having a good time!

June 12, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterDawn in DC

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